That awkward first post

Hey there! Welcome to Sprinkles, Sparkles, and Sneakers. For a little more about me and this brand spanking new blog, check out my About SSaS page.

You know what I love especially about the holidays? Candy on sale the next day. Especially Easter candy. What’s not to love about chocolate bunnies filled with peanut butter? (Hint: nothing.) Mmmm.

Two thirds of the Peeps are already gone. #sorryimnotsorry


And now for something completely different

I recently got into the NBC show, “Smash.” It’s an addictive show with great music. I’m currently in love with this song from it:

It’s an awesome running/workout song. It has a great beat and makes me feel good. Once it becomes available on iTunes, I’m definitely going to add it to my running/walking playlist post-injury.

And now for something completely different

Do yourself a favor and make these:


Slutty Brownies (from What’s Gaby Cooking) are chocolate chip cookies bars + oreos + brownies, one layer baked on top of another…. Oh my goodness! You’re mouth will have a foodgasm to say the least.

Question: What is your favorite workout song? What is a food you foodgasm for?

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